5 easy tips to get the home sold quickly

The most important thing is to get the right price set, because it is inextricably linked to the possibility of selling the home. Unfortunately, many choose to start with an adventure price because they believe that just their home is some of the most amazing the housing market has ever experienced. But there are also a few shortcuts that make it even easier to close the deal in a short time. Here are five great tips from Kaarsberg Estate to get your home sold faster.

5 easy tips to get the home sold quickly kaarsberg estate real estate fuengirola

1) Have everything that fills and clutter stored
It can be tempting to fill the basement, garage or built-in cupboards with old frames, etc., the old coffee machine and the cot that your grandchildren use once a year. But serious buyers are looking for the house properly, so instead of moving around your mess, keep it away from the house. So rent storage space or borrow a garage so that your things do not interfere with buyers’ opportunities to see themselves in the home.

2) Remove your personal belongings
If the mantelpiece is filled with family photos, the window sills with all sorts of trinkets, then consider whether they may give way to space for a short period. A buyer should be able to see himself in the home and it is easier if the house seems ready for them.

3) Get it fixed now
You do not have to change the kitchen or have new floors laid throughout the house, but have all the small hanging areas repaired that have been dripping, creaking and requiring special ingenuity for years. So repair the creaking door, have the whitewashed faucet replaced and replace the hob if only two of the hobs work. Also replace the items that have served their military service. You get a long way with a new shower curtain, a couple of nice plants and clean towels.

4) Light, light, light
There is a reason why bright living rooms and rooms are always mentioned in the sales list – a good idea is that all rooms are painted in bright possibly. even colors. If your rooms are on the gloomy side, be sure to choose bulbs with a high wattage so that they light up, and remember to leave the light on when there are screenings.

5) What does the buyer encounter?
Hopefully a broker, but also think about what first-hand impression your house leaves. Then get the bushes cut, clean the pool and move bicycles, have tools and other eye disturbing from the driveway, garden etc.

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